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Founded in 1978, New York City-based Mark Fahrer Caterers is one of the area's leading off-site party specialists, producing many events annually at more than 70 unusual and exotic venues. The company's considerable success can be attributed to its owner's unique approach to catering as a marketing tool. Mark Fahrer carefully considers his clients' marketing and personal objectives and integrates them into all aspects of an event -- from decor and presentation to the menu itself. While cuisine, location and ambiance are of utmost importance, Fahrer believes that "managing the psychology of an affair is crucial to its success." His schooling in psychology and market research has provided him with the expertise to balance these elements with originality, style and precision.

A caterer must be equally skilled in the kitchen, Fahrer maintains, and he is certainly no exception. His advice on recipes and entertaining have been featured on the TV Food Network, in The New York Times, New York Daily News, The New York Post, Signature Magazine, Bride's Magazine, among others. In addition, profiles of Mark Fahrer Caterers have appeared in the business sections of all major New York newspapers, as well as Venture Magazine, Metro Food Service, Restaurants and Institutions, Cooking for Profit and more.

Mark Fahrer Caterers' events have run the gamut -- from intimate dinners for two, to a Moroccan feast for 1,200. The latter came complete with authentic dancers flown in from Morocco and a custom-made Arabian tent. Fahrer regularly creates events in elegant townhouses, avant garde loft spaces, private clubs, yachts, the historic Puck Building, even in Central Park and the South Street Seaport's Peking. Mark Fahrer lives in Brooklyn with his wife Marguerita, an artist.